Friday, August 31, 2007

More Friday Life Drawings

The top drawing was done this morning and the bottom drawing was from last Friday. The drawing I did last week was turning out OK, but then I ran out of time. I always spend too much time trying to get the face right which never leaves me with enough time to get the rest of the figure to a more finished state. I really debated weather or not I should even post the one from today as it's a pretty terrible drawing, but I figure I might as well post my failures as well as my successes. Not that I consider everything else on here a success... far from it. But usually there is at least one part of my drawing that I'm pleased with; there's nothing in the drawing I did today that I'm really happy with. Oh well... better luck next time, I guess.


Ramses said...

great anatomy sketches!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! You can actually see the kidneys sticking out of her freakin' skinny body!! Well caught! ;)

Nacho said...

Interesting work from life ;)

adrian said...

Great attitude. I totally agree except that it seems your "failures" are still quite extraordinary drawings.

Melanie said...

I had to chuckle. I wish my "successes" looked so good. I'm relegated to stick figures primarily. LOL

Funny, a lot of my family has artistic talent. I will have to stick to a cameras and words.

My mom used to say that faces were the most difficult thing to capture, and few people do it well.
People are the hardest thing to draw, so as I said before, I'm impressed.